• This motel requires all guests to be at least 18 years of age to rent a room.

  • Pleasant Acres Motel is open year round.   Our reservation phone is open from 7am-10pm daily.

  • Check in is at 2pm or as soon as the room is available. 

  • Check out is 10:30 am. Late checkout is available upon request.

  • Reservations are only held till 4pm without advance payment or held with a credit card.

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit/debit cards and cash payments.

  • Special Event Reservations require first night deposit and is non refundable if cancelled.
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to receive refund.
  • We will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind. The guest is solely responsible for those items and safety thereof.

Pet Policy

The majority of pet owners who have stayed with us over the years have had wonderful pets.  Our pet policy is designed to help keep our expenses low so that we can continue to make it affordable for pet owners to travel with their pets.

  • We welcome well-behaved pets.

  • Service animals are always welcome at no extra charge.
  • Pets must be declared at the time of reservations or check-in. Fees will apply–$6 for a single night. While we don’t require a damage deposit or charge high fees, if extensive cleaning beyond the normal deep cleaning process or damage repair is necessary, the guest may be charged additional fees.

  • Pets must never be left in a vehicle.
  • Pets may be left unattended in your room.  However, if you leave the premises with your pet unattended in the room, the pet must be in a crate or pet carrier and must be happily quiet while you are gone. Closing your pet in the bathroom does not count as being crated.  The front desk must have a working cell phone number if you leave your pet unattended in the room.

  • Pets must be on a leash or properly carried outside guest rooms.
  • Due to safety concerns for our employees and your pet, we cannot provide housekeeping to a unit with an unattended pet, even if crated.

  • Please be considerate of other guests when walking pets on the property.
  • Pets are allowed for stays of a week or less.  An additional $6.00 is charged and we ask that you pick up after your pet.

Liability Issues: Pet owners are responsible for any damage or injuries caused by their pets. Pleasant Acres Motel is not responsible for your pets’ misbehavior to other guests, pets, employees or members of the community.

Noise/Disruptive Complaints: Barking or noise that is disruptive to other guests is unacceptable. After two (2) noise or disruptive complaints, the guest will be asked to make alternate arrangements for their pet.

Non-Smoking Guest Room Policy

We have a strict no smoking policy for all the guest rooms in compliance with the Wisconsin state statutes. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas.  We ask that you respect the property and dispose properly of your smoking material ( Please don't litter the ground with cigarette butts. Ash tray are provided for your convenience.) Any guest found smoking in a guest room will be charged a $125.00 cleaning fee and will be asked to vacate the room with no refund given.

Eco Friendly Motel Accomodations

While many hotels and motels may find "going green" challenging, the Pleasant Acres Motel embraces the challenge to make every effort we can toward providing an energy efficient and cleaner environment. We believe this will not only help our guests save money and do our part in the Tomah community, but also to keep the future of our guests in mind as well. The Pleasant Acres Motel is an eco friendly establishment. We incorporate wherever possible, energy saving and environmentally aware practices. Here are just a few ways that we keep the Pleasant Acres motel eco friendly...

We participate in local recycling programs. We use CFL and LED lighting. We have upgraded our Heating / cooling units to use environmentally friendly heat pumps. We donate retired motel linens, pillows, towels and bed spreads to charity. We have recycled older televisions, microwave, and refrigerators, replacing them with energy efficient LED and freon free units. And lastly, we adjust heating and cooling  temperatures when the room is not occupied. All these efforts add up in the long run for sustainable tourism in the Tomah, Wisconsin area, building greater environmental awareness, and minimizing our environmental impact on the earth. That makes everything around the Pleasant Acres Motel even more pleasant for our guests and the world in which we live.